Who is Interactive Digital Systems?


Who are we?  We’re a great story!

Interactive Digital Systems was established in 1993, with the purpose of identifying and providing hardware support for the Wireless, Communication, and related industries.

Our Mission?  To identify equipment needs of EACH individual customer and deliver them in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our experience encompasses over 25 years in the hardware industry, which began with the sales of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) and compatible hardware to a worldwide end-user base.  Even then, our customers would approach us with their individual needs – which is why as time has passed we have allowed our customers to dictate to us what is important and priority to them…. CUSTOMER DRIVEN!

In 1993 when the wireless industry was at its early stages of development, Interactive Digital was approached by wireless carriers (such as MobileTel, Cellular One, and Mercury Cellular) who had been referred to us by DEC.  These carriers needed MicroVax CPUs to operate their front-end switches to their NovaTel cell sites.  In the event of a hardware failure, spares for this equipment delivery from the manufacturer would be lengthy and downtime would be cost-prohibitive. Interactive Digital was able to deliver the same equipment in a three-day period with considerable cost savings, and insure immediate replacement should an equipment failure occur.  It was at this point that other carriers contacted us, not only for the same equipment and related site hardware such as voice channels, amplifiers, cable harnesses, fuse panels, frames and ultimately entire cell sites.  NovaTel became Nortel, and technology changed. Interactive Digital was able to change with the technology, driven by its customers’ needs. It was then that our customers’ challenges moved into the Lucent Technology arena. Interactive Digital had been able to assimilate the same philosophy of addressing our customers’ needs with needed technology – once again driven by the customer.

Today Interactive Digital supplies to carriers, support and maintenance companies, broadband companies, wireless construction companies, and OEMs, to name a few.

Being customer-driven for over 25 years in this industry has availed us to:

  • adapt to ever-changing technology
  • establish and forge long-lasting relationships with source technology firms and in turn pass along these resources to our customers