What We Do

Realizing the importance of our customers’ investment of huge amounts of capital and maintenance into existing wireless networks, coupled with impending economic conditions, Interactive Digital Systems understands the concept of maximizing utility with existing and older technology.


At Interactive Digital Systems we are PROBLEM SOLVERS.  Our tenure in this business has allowed us to be able to develop a scope of problem-solving solutions based on our experience in the supply chain resources arena.


  1. Researching equipment history, checking where the equipment is “used on” and being able to work downward from larger assemblies and examining the different applications or hardware platforms that may apply, i.e. the hardware may be used in different equipment types.
  2. Offering our customers “solutions of last resort” when:
    • The manufacturer or supplier changes the equipment technology for any reason.
    • Equipment needed requires a minimum order quantity, causing the manufacturer to have to “ramp-up” production of needed equipment, or, re-engage the production of needed equipment.  Most of the time our customers’ needs are below minimum order quantities.
    • When the equipment becomes “end of lifed” and is no longer available and discontinued.

Example #1

A large broadband company we work with uses an “uplink” control solution for their customers (Discovery, ESPN, CNN, SHOWTIME, etc).  This solution is based on a specified hardware platform manufactured by H/P and Sun.  After a large capital investment by this broadband company in software imaging for these platforms, both H/P and Sun “end of lifed” this hardware without notice.  Our customer was left with a heavy capital investment in their software image with no hardware solution to implement it.  Interactive Digital was (and still is) able to procure and distribute this hardware to our customer with minimum delay and at considerable cost savings.

Example #2

A major maintenance-support company we work closely with had a situation where their customer’s battery cabinet cooling fans were unobtainable, that is, the manufacturer of these fans had gone out of business.  There was no resource to supply these fans.  What this meant was that potentially the batteries in the cabinets were in danger of malfunction from overheating and causing a site failure.  Interactive Digital was able to secure sample fans from these cabinets, work with a alternative manufacturer to build to the same specifications in form and in function, and has shipped several hundred for deployment without failure…