Our Difference

At Interactive Digital Systems, our focus is on our customers’ uniqueness in their market.  When a customer has a different function in their market, then they have different needs. Realizing that is what makes Interactive Digital “customer centric” – to be able to work within each customer’s purpose or function. Here are some examples of how our customers who have different functions in their markets determine how Interactive Digital works with them.

Our customers in a support or maintenance role:

One of our support customers needed a shipment of DC power supplies for immediate field deployment.  Delivery options from the manufacturer were a six-week delay.  IDS was able to procure overstock from another company of the necessary units and deliver them to their respective field locations within a two-week period.

Our customers as service providers:

One of our customers who is a service provider in the communications industry was in a dire situation – their up-link end user needed a replacement KVM subsystem overnight.  Not only did the OEM and the OEM distributor not have availability, the KVM was out of production and there were no substitutes. Interactive Digital was able to contact another end-user who had a similar application and had spares, had it dropped shipped overnight and by the next morning, the up-link was on the air.

Our customers as carriers:

One of our carrier customers needed to complete a carrier sectorization upgrade.  The dilemma was that they did not have access to the equipment needed to complete the upgrade. This upgrade was already three weeks overdue and the manufacturer had an eight-week lead time for the equipment needed.  When checking the comcodes, clei, and “where used,” IDS was able to determine the correct version of the equipment, where the equipment would be located, and was able to de-install it from a spare BTS and ship it to our carrier customer.  Although our spare BTS was rendered unusable, there was now a source for parts for other needs readily available.

Our construction customers who build out cell sites:

One of our construction customers needed breaker switches for an on-site project that needed a rapid completion.  Small as it may be, to IDS, we realized that there were construction crews on site waiting for this equipment – that was unavailable.  Looking to different users for this product, we asked on OEM if they could suggest a user who had a large history of volume purchases.  Sure enough, IDS contacted this user who had significant overstock, was able to liquidate it and direct ship it to the location where the construction crews could complete their project.

Our customer as the OEM:

IDS can be a ‘go-to’ resource when OEMs and manufacturers have a glitch in their supply chains.  In many instances OEMs have contacted us because their incoming supply for distribution had been delayed or was en route from an overseas resource.  Although our customers may have contractual obligations with these OEMs it is not unusual for both the customer and the OEM to make exceptions with IDS to supply necessary equipment and satisfy customer need.