We Can Help You

Being a small business concern allows us to be agile and adaptable – there are no stringent guidelines of working with companies.  IDS is not a “one size fits all” type of company.

ACCESSIBILITY = We communicate directly, and all lines of communications are always open and there and no channels-always direct.

RESPONSIVENESS = Our price points are not directly fixed or set.  Because we are a small company, and our overhead is small, we can “stop on a dime,” and if a price can be adjusted to fit a budget – it will.  There is no need for an approval process or for communication with channels.

FLEXIBILITY = Shipping information is available prior to shipment of a product.  This allows our customer to make modification, or if time is an issue, then a drop ship is always a option.

At Interactive Digital, we realize that for all of our customers, equipment delivery is paramount, and we strive to meet and exceed supply chain fulfillment every day. Realizing the individuality of  customer needs, Interactive Digital has the ability to create a “seed stock” for each customer when they utilize equipment on a consistent basis.  If a customers needs focus on a certain piece of equipment that they use over a period of time, at no obligation to the customer, Interactive Digital will stock that equipment so that delivery times for the equipment will be minimal.  This is great tool that Interactive Digital offers to its customers because “seed stocking” also insures that the product will be available should normal resources dry up.